'Funny Musical Ride'- Allari Naresh's James Bond Audio Review

By - May 15, 2015 - 10:49 AM IST

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James Bond is an upcoming comedy entertainer starring Allari Naresh and Sakshi Chowdary in lead roles. Music for the film is composed by talented Sai Karthik and here is an iqlik exclusive audio review of the album:

O Jaane Jaana marks the beginnings of this interesting album sung with trendy vocals by Rahul Nambiar. The lyrics by Rama Jogayya Sastry are stylish and peppy. Cool guitar strums are blended well with impressive sequencing. The interludes are laced with trance style orchestration and feel good string section.

On the contrary, Bullet is an eerie solo sung by Sai Charan which has thump and gripping rhythm.  Viswa’s narrative styled lyrics suit well for this song which has the much needed action ambience. Apart from the compelling rhythm, it is the hummable electric guitar supporting tune which makes a good impact. This track justifies the title with the typical sequencing used in James Bond movies.

The overall energy of the album is sustained with Are Hello Hello sung by energetic Ranjith and Bhuvanachandra’s sultry lyrics add more vigor to the track. However, the tune and presentation becomes monotonous as it gradually progresses by.

It is time for a folk detour with Sannajaji(Remix) sung by MLR Karthikeyan and Divija Karthik. This track is surprisingly is a remix of the popular hit song from Superstar Krishna’s Vajrayudham penned by legendary lyricist Veturi. Despite additional layers of synthesizers and sequencing, this version leaves a pleasant impact on the listener.

Ammoruthalli is a fun filled number which begins with Allari Naresh’s funny vocals which speaks about the troubles in marriages. Rama Jogayya Sastry’s funny take on a guy who falls in troubled marriage is quite appreciable. Simha’s vocals suit to this track quite well in the midst of House mix and trance beats.


James Bond is a fair album from Sai Karthik. It presents the comedy angle quite well through music. However, the feel good duets are missing which would make it a complete entertaining album.

Rating: 3/5

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