Latest Buzz: Talented Directors Mutual Counters!

By - May 18, 2015 - 10:42 AM IST

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We are blessed with too many talented directors who are striving to be versatile and at the same time creatively original. As they say, success and failure doesn’t matter, class lasts forever - “It’s all in the game dude”. But these mavericks are no exception to human emotions like love, pride, ego, envy and at the lowest degree, not at least to pulling legs!

Here is how two supremely talented directors Ram Gopal Varma and Anurag Kashyap who have written a cult classic like Satya (1998) got down to mutual pulling legs on their social media handles. RGV has earlier put some tweets commenting Anurag’s latest outing Bombay Velvet and his long term foe Karan Johar. To which Anurag also reacted in his own witty way that led to a quirky and sarcastic conversation as below:
Ram Gopal Varma ‏@RGVzoomin
A director standing by his film rejected by the audience is like him telling a girl "I love myself and I don't care if you don't love me

Anurag Kashyap ‏@anuragkashyap72  
@RGVzoomin sir i love you too much.. now put that Vodka aside and sleep.. lots of kisses

Ram Gopal Varma ‏@RGVzoomin  
@anuragkashyap72 well sir for ur info I stopped drinking ...I am not into kissing men but love you too

Anurag Kashyap ‏@anuragkashyap72  
@RGVzoomin then lets have filter coffee together soon to celebrate the AAG..

Ram Gopal Varma ‏@RGVzoomin
@anuragkashyap72 Sir u very well know that I luv u more than u luv me and I suggest that we both have coffee with Karan. in the course of having Coffee with Karan maybe we can learn from him how not to make Aag's and make Kuch Kuch's

Well some say this is quite common between old pals, some industry onlookers feel there’s something fishy in this conversation. Hope both the directors deliver more classics than counters!

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