Beautiful Actress Gives Foot-Education

By - May 19, 2015 - 11:17 AM IST

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Whenever you follow a heroine on the social media, you would get to know about her films her events and her thoughts on various issues and incidents. But there are also those starlets who take a moral responsibility of sharing whatever good knowledge they have to their fans and create a difference.

One such starlet is the beautiful Madhavilatha. The petite beauty is quite active on social media and she is also quite vocal about her opinions. But recently she gave some education on how to maintain a good feet. This is not just for the girls but also for the boys who usually don’t take care of themselves much.

Well, Madhavi’s tip goes like this- ‘To prevent foot infections:- 1. Keep your feet clean and dry, dry the area between toes 2.Change your shoes and socks’

So, in case you are one among those who sweat a lot or have body odour issues, this tip is surely going to help. Even those who are not having such issues can also implement this and have a happy feet.

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