Anushka's Impact On Tamil Actor

By - May 20, 2015 - 12:52 PM IST

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You would be having your share of favorite heroines but among them, there is always that one beauty who holds a special place in your heart. For many Telugus, it is the awesome beauty Anushka. She is not just an idol of glamour quotient but also an epitome of grace and natural beauty.

Here is one example of Anushka’s impact. It is heard that a noted RJ Ajai who is based in Chennai was roped in for a movie and he never imagined acting would happen. As expected, he could not get his first shot right during shooting. Incidentally, all this was happening in the presence of Anushka who came by as the director Vijay is her good friend.

While Ajai was struggling, it is heard that Vijay asked Anushka to sit in front of Ajai and this time the shot got okayed. From his end, this talented RJ was all overwhelmed and attributed it to the presence of Anushka. Well, if that be the case of actors one can imagine the frenzy among the regular people due to Anushka.

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