New Alternative for NBK Dictator!

By - May 21, 2015 - 03:27 PM IST

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Finding titles for films, especially for NBK films is certainly a challenge. Just like his dialogues, his films must have a powerful (if possible ‘simha’ful) title.

Even his latest outing was initially titled Lion that later turned to NBK Lion due to some issues. Now that he had the maximum titles as per his 'Simha' sentiment, titling his upcoming prestigious projects turned a tough task. ‘Dictator’ is a working title for his upcoming 99th film directed by Sriwas and written by five prominent writers of TFI.

But inside sources reveal that Balakrishna is not in favor of the title and the makers are in look out for yet another title. Meanwhile, Balakrishna’s Lion movie producer Rudrapati Ramana Rao has recently registered a new title named ‘Sarvabhouma’ for Balayya. Industry onlookers opine that this can be a good alternative for the title Dictator!

Well Dictator or Sarvabhouma – which one will you vote for?

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