Heroine Rises Summer Temperatures

By - May 23, 2015 - 10:47 AM IST

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You must be praying your lucky gods and favorite stars for only one thing, to bring down the heat. Well, the summer this year has been merciless and the Sun has been beating down with a lot of aggression. With each passing day, the temperatures are soaring and sucking the life out of everyone.

As if that is not enough, more heat is being added to the environment and it is affecting the men in a big way. The reason for that is one actress. She is none other than Anaika Sothi and this is happening through her latest release 365 Days. Apparently, Anaika is the leading lady in the movie alongside Nandoo.

Those who saw the film are floored with the sex appeal and oomph factor of this beauty. While they have also given marks for her expressive performance, it is the glamour quotient and sex appeal Anaika delivered in songs and few other scenes that have caused a major heat rise. Let us see how many Tollywood members will melt for this and give Anaika more offers.

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