Cricket Vs Tollywood- Box Office Weeps

By - May 25, 2015 - 10:54 AM IST

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Some of you may find this unusual but then the truth remains that the fate of a film at the theatre is not just decided by the audience but also by the external factors. This is the reason why elements like holiday season, festival season come into picture because that’s when collections are expected to be high.

Similarly, there are also off-seasons and this is especially when a famous cricket tournament is underway. True to that, the weekend that has passed suffered heavily at the box office because of meager collections. The main reason for that is the IPL cricket tournament and most importantly, it was the finals.

It is known that three movies Mosagallaku Mosagaadu, 365 Days, Yenthavaadu Gaani released last Friday and they came in with a good hype. But thanks to the cricket fever and also the blazing temperature, the collections took a big hit. Usually, first show and second show are considered prime but the box office had nothing to do but weep this time

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