Rs 3 Cr For Making- Rs 15 Cr For Publicity

By - May 26, 2015 - 01:29 PM IST

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When you plan to make a film and figure out the budget, you know which part of money goes where. Usually, you would expect the making cost to consume the major part of the budget but that is not the case when you step into Bollywood. This is more so for the small and medium budget moviemakers.

Apparently, making of a movie without remunerations is around 2-3 crores for a small budget film but our sources from Mumbai reveal publicity cost is bare minimum 15 crores. Without that budget, the film will never get an identity among the people. Of course, it must be said that even the north Indian market is huge.

That said, the promotion cost has become the main component in Bollywood budgeting today. This is happening due to extensive presence of media. The overflow of information available with people is making it tough for the filmmakers to get the attention of the public. Hence, such huge budgets for publicity.

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