Suriya's Rakshasudu Movie Review and Ratings

By - May 29, 2015 - 06:54 PM IST

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Cast: Suriya, Nayanathara, Pranitha Subhash, Samuthirakani, Parthiban
Banner: Studio Green
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: R.D.Rajasekhar
Story: Venkat Prabhu
Producer: Gnanavel Raja
Direction: Venkat Prabhu

Avg. User Rating: 3/5

Tag Line: Watch it for Surya's One Man Show!


Mass (Suriya) and Jet (Premji Amaran) are good friends and make a living by doing petty thefts. Mass falls in love with a nurse called Malini (Nayanathara). In order to save Malini from a problem, Mass plans a big theft. During that process, Mass and Jet meet with an accident and right from then, Mass goes through peculiar experiences. He starts seeing dead people and who request them to fulfill their desires to give them peace. Mass tries to make a fortune out of it by helping them in solving their issues. Suddenly, he comes to meet a look alike spirit named Sivakumar (Suriya-2). Right from then, Mass’s life goes through lot of twists and turns. Who is this Sivakumar? What is the relationship between Mass and Sivakumar? How do these particular dead people influence Mass in his life?- forms the rest of the plot.


Suriya: This film is undoubtedly one man show for Suriya. It is indeed a huge risk to choose a story like this despite having mass image. It is a different attempt for Suriya as an actor till now. He showed great variation in two different roles he adorned. Though it cannot be said that it is career best for him, he definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Nayanathara, Pranitha: There is little scope for both these female leads to make an impact. Nayanathara looked elegant in the little screen presence she had. Pranitha manages to get a very small role. She would neither be getting a benefit or a drawback by choosing this role.

Premji, Parthiban: Premji is well known for his comedy antics but he got good chance to showcase his emotional acting skills. Parthiban’s serious presence also evokes good laughter.

Others: There are few scenes added featuring Brahmanandam to suit the Telugu Audience. But his presence doesn’t affect the film much. Samuthirakani is good in his character.


The overall concept chosen by the director is quite good. The idea where the hero happens to see dead people and how he helps them out is a thrilling element. However, if we keep that point aside, the film is just another revenge drama. A ghost seeking help of the hero to get its problems solved has become a routine story even till the recent films like Vaaradhi. In fact, the basic storyline behind successful horror films like Kanchana, Muni Ganga is also the same. But Venkat Prabhu has used his screenplay skills to make it little more different from the routine style.

First Half : It goes off in a laid back manner with occasional doses of comedy and sentiment.

Second Half: The interval bang introduces us to the Sivakumar’s character which inculcates more interest and curiosity. However, his flashback turns out to be a regular revenge story. As a result, the overall plan of choosing a new concept goes haywire. But, some episodes in second half are done in a great manner.

The film’s overall flow makes us feel that whether the new point was chosen just to show the old regular masala entertainment. The audience has great expectations on Venkat Prabhu movie because he writes his screenplay with thrilling and interesting elements. Moreover, this film stars Suriya and he always opts for versatile scripts. For people who expect a blockbuster bonanza from this inquisitive combination might get disappointed. There is little room for entertainment as the director focused more on the horror thrill element.


Suriya's Performance
Yuvan Shankar Raja's Background Score
Interesting New Concept


Duration of the film
No importance for female leads
Less scope for masala entertainment


Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs are alright but it is the background score which shines in the film. His re-recording for the interval bang takes the film to a new level.


There is nothing to complain regarding the technical quality of the film. The camera work is quite good. The director focused more on the first 30 minutes, interval bang and the climax and neglected the middle part of the film. If at all the gripping nature was sustained throughout the film, it would have become a career best for Suriya. The length of the film is another issue as it extends to three hours.


It is indeed a great challenge for Suriya to chose a different film of this sort. But, director Venkat Prabhu focused more on the style than content. As a result, the film doesn’t excite you unless you are a hardcore Suriya fan.

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