Allu Arjun's Story for Sunil

By - May 30, 2015 - 06:18 PM IST

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It is very much common in film industry that a story written for one hero is eventually done by some another. These kinds of things happen in the film industry quite often.

There is in fact a big list of such cases and now here is a latest example. Comedian turned hero Sunil is in dire need of a hit right now and not even remakes are helping him out. In this situation, he is silently working on a film titled Krishnashtami under the direction of Vasu Varma. Ace writer Kona Venkat has spearheaded the script department.

Well interestingly, this Krishnashtami script was originally prepared for stylish star Allu Arjun by writer Kona Venkat and Gopichand Malineni (of Pandaga Chesko fame). On a special request by Dil Raju, director Gopichand and Kona have given the script and with special adaptation to Sunil, director Vasu Varma is crafting this into a full-fledged laugh riot.

We don’t know the exact reasons regarding why Allu Arjun declined this subject but any how one hero’s loss is another hero’s gain. We hope this Krishnashtami film would bring success to comedian turned hero Sunil.

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