Kona's Counter to Pandaga Chesko Haters!

By - June 02, 2015 - 05:59 PM IST

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Ram's Pandaga Chesko is one family entertainer that is sailing off with steady collections. With no big release around the corner, Pandaga Chesko is estimated to continue its streak this week also.

Besides the box office figures, there are remarks from a sect of film reviewer community and viewers that the film had story, treatment and formula of Kona Venkat. According to them, the film offers nothing different and some even accused it of the sheer inability of the writers.

Kona Venkat finally chose to break his silence on all these allegations. He reportedly stated that they have made a routine film and hence the film routinely went on to become a hit. He also added that they did not promise a different film but indeed a wholesome family entertainer and the public response proves that they are successful in their attempt.

Talking on reviewers and their reviews over Pandaga Chesko, Kona asserted that they are here to make films for the public not for the reviewers.

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