Male Sex Worker Story Works?

By - June 08, 2015 - 12:22 PM IST

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When you talk or hear about sex workers, it is usually the women and there are many films that have been made with this subject as the plot. However, one film is now gearing up to release in Tollywood and this happens to revolve around a male sex worker who is otherwise known as a gigolo.

This happens to be the Bollywood movie BA Pass which is now going to be dubbed into Telugu and released. This has triggered discussions in filmnagar circles as to how much would this subject appeal to the audience. In Bollywood, the audience has got diverse mindset and they are open to such offbeat plots.

However, Tollywood has been quite conservative in this matter. But it appears that an attempt is being made to see how this is going to b received and if it clicks then surely a flood of such movies will start entering. Though the film didn’t really work great at Bollywood box office, it created a sizeable hype.

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