'I'm Bored of Doing Item Numbers'- Charmi Special Interview

By - June 09, 2015 - 03:41 PM IST

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The wonderful actress Charmi Kaur is a perfect example of beauty as well as professionalism. Throughout her career Charmi has balanced it with roles involving glamor, performance and consistency. Now , this actress is all set to stun the audience with power packed characterization in Puri Jagannadh’s Jyoti Lakshmi releasing this Friday. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the actress:

Hi Charmi.. congrats on your new film Jyoti Lakshmi!
Hi.. thanks a lot!

How did this interesting project Jyoti Lakshmi begin?
Six years back Puri sir narrated me this story even before we were filming for Buddha Hoga Tera Baap. We were trying to materialize this project ever since.  In fact, whenever we met we used to discuss about it. I am so glad that we could do it finally! I must admit Jyoti Lakshmi is most special film in my career.

Please tell us about your character in Jyoti Lakshmi.
I play the role of a high spirited Prostitute. This doesn’t there are scenes involving stereotyped degradation or vulgarity. The film deals on a woman who fights over a serious social issue. The subject itself is quite inspirational.

You have also turned as a producer for this film. How was it adorning the new role?
I became producer only because Puri sir had immense trust in my abilities. I really never thought of becoming a producer but chose to become now because of his confidence. This has been an entirely new journey in my life.

Did you face any hurdles while working as a producer for Jyoti Lakshmi?
I was obsessed in thinking about the project all the time. Acting as a heroine is difficult but being a producer is even more difficult. Even before going to beauty parlor I used to rethink my decision because I felt I’d make better use of time by working on the film. It taught me many lessons. I must say there is a kick in learning unknown things and this film gave me that.

You already did a role of a prostitute earlier for Prema Oka Maikam. How different is Jyoti Lakshmi from it?
Yes I did the role of prostitute earlier but this characterization is totally different. We have the hero fighting with villain and heroine falling for the hero in almost every Telugu film but the taking makes it all new.

Did you keep any special efforts for your producer role in Jyoti Lakshmi?
I personally feel if planning is right with good teamwork, a film can be made great. We took just 37 days to finish the shooting. Puri sir was quite planned and organized everything so perfectly for us. Even before a day of shooting, he used to give a pep talk about what tasks are pending. This made us quite easy to finish the film before the scheduled time.

There is a buzz that you would be doing Jyoti Lakshmi- 2 as well?
I never thought of it seriously but Puri sir and Sri Kalyan were quite keen on making a sequel with the same team. I just said if the film succeeds then we can think about it. But Sri Kalyan seems to be quite enthusiastic about the project. However, Puri sir is quite busy with back to back projects and we should see how it would materialize.

What are your expectations from Jyoti Lakshmi?
I am only expecting decent returns and good name for my performance. I didn’t even plan which film I should sign up next. All my focus is on June 12th- the release date of Jyoti Lakshmi. When I watched the film yesterday, I felt very emotional. I worked very hard for the film in acting as well as production department and naturally feel very connected to it.

Did you do any exclusive home work for your role in Jyoti Lakshmi?
Not really. I didn’t do anything specially for the role. It might sound reckless but I only studied how Prostitutes behave socially and tried to implement in my role. I reduced 12kg weight for the film. I didn’t anything more than that.

Going by the trailer, it looks like you are the hero of the film!
Well, I am the female lead but have good deal of heroism in the role. It is a strong character.

Your working experience with Puri Jagannadh?
He is a workaholic and wants everything is excellent quality. Despite being a busy directed he chose me for this project and I feel extremely lucky for that. I am really happy that I won his confidence in acting as well as production.

You were a first hand choice for item songs in Tollywood in recent times. Will you be doing them again in near future?
I did get many offers to do item song but I have turned them down because I felt bored of doing them

Would you accept an item song in Chiranjeevi’s much celebrated 150th film?
I would want to do something more than just an item song in such an anticipated project.

Does that mean you are part of the project?
(Smiles) Don’t know as of now!

What is your take on women oriented films in Telugu?
I feel Bollywood has better scope in feminism oriented roles than Telugu. Films like Kahaani, Mary Kom and even the recent Tanu Weds Manu Returns were commercially successful. Because of that there is more scope to explore that genre there. In Telugu we have limitations and the best thing to do is to grab the appropriate roles.

 What about your marriage plans?
It is quite hard for someone to handle me lifelong. I am kind of bored with the marriage institution itself now (Smiles).

Your were one of the first celebrities to react over Arti Agarwal’s untimely death. Did you know her quite well?
I was terribly devastated to know the news. It took lot of time for me to become normal. Arti was residing in Suresh’s guest house and I was staying there once she vacated. In short, after moving there my luck turned like magic. We used to meet in public events often and have a chat. Arti was in a great form by the time when I entered film industry. I was more upset with the mixed reasons cited for her death such as heart attack, surgery failure and nobody knows the real truth.

Do you think actresses have more pressure than male leads?
I don’t think so. Pressure is there for everyone and insecurity should make you work harder. While it is there in every profession, showbiz world has it little more. I believe in overcoming it with support of right people and strong confidence.

Okay..thanks a lot and wishing you the best for Jyoti Lakshmi!
Thank you!

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