Historical Satellite Blockbusters

By - June 10, 2015 - 11:55 AM IST

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We are living in times wherein it takes something really special for us to get motivated to visit the theatres and watch a movie. Most of the times, we prefer to sit in front of our television and watch the movies which come. This had given rise to satellite market for the movies for quite some time.

Now, few sources from different TV channels reveal there are three movies which are called the historical satellite blockbusters. They are Pokiri, Athadu and Dookudu. No matter how many times they are screened in TV, the TRPs are not reducing and the demand for them has always been high.

Usually, the satellite rights are held by a TV channel for a particular period of time but channels which have bought the satellite rights lease are renewing it again and again by shelling out a lot of money. At a time when revenue sharing model is happening this is something unusual. Interestingly, all three are Mahesh Babu movies.

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