No Ravi Teja's Voice For Statutory Warning?

By - June 11, 2015 - 11:32 AM IST

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Whenever you go to the theatres to watch a film, before it starts you get to hear the statutory warning which goes ‘Smoking and drinking is injurious to health, it causes cancer’. Usually, the film’s hero tends to give the voice over for this warning. But an interesting situation has come for a big hero.

He is none other than mass maharaja Ravi Teja and the question being raised is, will Ravi Teja give his voice for this statutory warning for his next movie. There is a reason behind this doubt. The latest news reveals the Mass Maharaja has become the brand ambassador for a new liquor brand.

It is called Lords And Master and this is a type of brandy. The ad shoot is completed and it is expected to be hitting TV channels very soon. Once that comes, will Ravi Teja give the statutory warning? Ethically speaking, he should not but since the promotion of such brands are done in an indirect way, the mass hero might just continue with what he is doing.

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