Kona Venkat's Name Makes Business

By - June 13, 2015 - 12:38 PM IST

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In today’s time, when you complete a film and want to sell it to the distributors or buyers, they want to see the names attached to your project. If you have a salable name only then they come forward or else you have to struggle real hard. In Tollywood, this scene is much higher.

There are few individuals whose names are sufficient to let the deal happen. One name which is currently hot among all is that of star writer Kona Venkat. Apparently, he has been delivering back to back hits not just as a writer but also as a producer. The sentiment has become strong that Kona’s presence means the film is a hit.

Given the fact that even someone like mega powerstar Ram Charan insisted on having Kona for his new movie with Srinu Vaitla goes to show his demand. Now that Kona has attained a very premium image and brand, let us wish he comes up with many more entertaining and successful movies in future.

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