Eccentric Filmmaker's Admiration for Dinosaurs

By - June 15, 2015 - 02:43 PM IST

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The peculiar filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is well known for his strong hitting subject films, fearless characterizations and even open to risks involving new ideas relating to film marketing. Though he has his equal share of admirers and haters alike, he never fears to speak his mind over social media. It is a well known fact that RGV was topic of discussion almost everytime whenever a new happening occurs. Wondering what he has said now?

RGV has expressed many times that the Hollywood cult classic Jurassic Park which released in 1993 directed by the master class filmmaker Steven Speilberg. He said many times that Jurassic Park is one great definition of picture perfect film making and story narration. In fact, he got inspired with the film so much that he re-used the background score of Jurassic Park for his romantic thriller hit film Anagananga Oka Roju starring J.D.Chakravarthy and Urmila in lead roles.

When the latest installment of Jurassic Park - Jurrasic World released last Friday, RGV's delight knew no bounds. The filmmaker was ecstastic to see the fantastic work of Cinema and also made the witty comment saying if Indian Cinema doesn't reach to the incomparable standards of Hollywood, it would become extinct like dinosaurs era! This indeed is a shocking comment from RGV about Indian Cinema and raising lot of eyebrows and stirring up a new controversy once again!

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