No Politics! Just Backdrop Thought

By - June 16, 2015 - 11:16 AM IST

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The word politics usually sticks to the leaders and Netas of the country but fact of the matter is, politics exist in every sphere of life and especially in work environments. Even the entertainment industry is not an exemption. In lieu of that, one activity is being deemed as something political.

We are talking about the second schedule of the new movie Gabbar Singh 2 starring power star Pawan Kalyan. This is bound to take place in Gujarat and this has led to a grapevine that since it is the home state of PM Narendra Modi, Pawan Kalyan is heading there and he might do some hobnobbing with the Netas there.

But reliable sources have confirmed that nothing of that sort is there in the agenda. They have reminded that even in the past, Pawan has done movies with Kolkata as backdrop and now he is doing with Gujarat as backdrop. As such, the state has some real good tourist destinations so that could be one reason.

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