Wall Poster Record Of Allari Naresh

By - June 17, 2015 - 11:45 AM IST

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Though we have reached the modern times of cube technology and PHP formats, the fact remains that certain conventional methods are still required in promotion to ensure a film becomes a hit. An important aspect in that is the poster publicity. If they are not pasted aggressively, people will never find the film to be appealing.

And if it happens to be a film from a hero like Allari Naresh who has a sizeable following in B,C centers then this is more mandatory. This time, it appears that Allari Naresh might well be scoring a new record in terms of wall poster. We are talking about the campaign for his new movie James Bond.

Apparently, the team is releasing one poster every single day and this has been on since many weeks. The filmnagar pundits say going by the number of posters released so far, Allari Naresh is going to create a new record in terms of posters for promotion. Let us wish this poster publicity really converts into collections at the box office as well. 

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