Akhil Debut Movie Story Details

By - June 20, 2015 - 02:11 PM IST

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Akhil is perhaps the most handsome young hero of Akkineni family who has inherited his grandfather as well as father's good looks along with acting persona. He has stunned the audience with a cameo appearance in Manam last year and ever since then, Akhil has won many fans even before his first film as a hero is made. In fact, this talented actor has created waves when he was a kid in Sisindri released during mid 90s!

It is a known fact that Akhil would be seen in a full length hero role quite soon and the film tentatively called Production A is directed by powerful filmmaker V.V.Vinayak. The film is said to be a good entertainer with all elements which would entertain class as well as mass audience. An exclusive video of the film's making was released today giving out even more information about this anticipated flick. The film seems to have lot of science fiction elements where the young Akkineni hero would be seen as a Superhero in the debut film itself. This would be the first time an Akkineni hero is attempting a Science Fiction theme and Vinayak, who has always confined to masala oriented films has chosen a unique theme!

This making video has sure raised the already surmounted expectations on the film's credibility and fun factor!

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