Hero's Controversial Comment On Daughter

By - June 22, 2015 - 11:12 AM IST

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Once you become a parent, you tend to get very protective about your children and it doesn’t matter whether the kid is doing right or wrong, what matters is you protect them. And if you happen to be a celebrity father then such protection and shielding gets much more.

However, one celebrity doesn’t seem to feel that way about his daughter. He is none other than Kamal Haasan and it is heard that recently he shared few candid thoughts about his daughter Shruti Haasan in an interview. The topic was about Shruti’s marriage, her kids and Kamal’s feeling as a grandfather.

In his own style, Kamal reportedly said while he wants to play with his grandchildren, he is not really concerned on how the children are born to Shruti. Well, the iconic star  believes in giving all freedom to Shruti when it comes to the decision of issues such as marriage, kids and other aspects in life. Wonder what Shruti has to say to this.

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