Six Pack Cuts Missed In Cuts

By - June 23, 2015 - 05:19 PM IST

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After become a film hero, you would take good care of your physique and if you have the discipline and determination you would also end up with a six pack abs. Tollywood has seen its share of heroes with the six pack and the objective of doing it is to flash it on the screen at the right moment.

However, one hero seems to be quite unlucky in that matter. He is none other than Sundeep Kishan. Apparently, Sundeep had pumped the iron and sculpted his body in such a way that his six pack can be seen. This was to happen in his new movie Tiger slated for release on June 26.

But then, it turns out that the whole of his body with rippling muscles scene has been chopped off on the editor’s table. Well, it is a call taken by the director as per the requirement and film’s sensibilities so let us see if he has a change of mind and brings back Sundeep’s six pack or will the hero have to wait for another project to show it.

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