Pawan Kalyan- Budget And Business Shoots Up

By - June 26, 2015 - 10:18 AM IST

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Whenever a movie featuring power star Pawan Kalyan is on the anvil, the expectations and excitement is high. While that is the feeling of the general public, those who are involved commercially with the project have another agenda. They are looking at the financials and box office output.

As part of that, some of the cine analysts are saying a key component of this would be the heroine for Pawan. There were times when Pawan paired up with debutantes and that didn’t really fetch much benefit. However, if Pawan can pair up with an established top league heroine then the equation changes.

Right now, the hunt is on for the leading lady for his new movie Gabbar Singh 2 and many are suggesting if it is the seductive beauty Shruti Haasan or the cute smile queen Samantha then it would be the best. This would ensure that the business would happen more effectively and even the percentage of crowds coming to the theaters also increases. Let us see what happens.

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