Fresh Controversy On Censor Board!

By - June 29, 2015 - 01:35 PM IST

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The Central Bureau of Film Certification (CBFC) is in trouble once again! Despite being a government body and responsible for certifying films based on the content, it is indeed shocking to see CBFC getting involved in surmounting corruption as days passing by. It is a known fact that the film producer works quite hard to make a film, distribute it, and market it to the audience. Just when the film is yet to be released, the biggest hurdled comes in the form of censor formalities.

Just three days ago, a censor board official was caught red handed by the ACB receiving Rs. 10,000 bribe for U/A certificate for a film titled Andala Chanadamama. The clever producer decided it is time to end this suffering by exposing the official in a timely manner. Now, another film director Phani Krishna shared his troubles with censor board for his film Paakashala. When his film was shown to censor board on June 3, it was outrightly rejected without citing any valid cuts. When the distraught filmmaker asked what to do next, the board dispassionately demanded Rs. 2 Lakhs though initially saying it is the filmmaker's responsibility to find out, according to director Phani Krishna.

Another film producer Rajkiran even said that apart from providing huge bribe of this sort, the filmmaker had to provide Rs. 5000 for the sake of snacks for the board comprising of five members on the day of the censor. This is indeed shocking for the common man to hear such allegations upon a government body like CBFC. Let us see how does the censor board reacts to these allegations and if it shall mend its way if proven guilty!

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