Race Between Naga Chaitanya and Nithiin

By - June 30, 2015 - 07:24 PM IST

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Maatala Mantrikudu Trivikram Srinivas has been adept in love stories, action entertainers along with family dramas till date. Irrespective of the film's success, Trivikram's dialogues are enough to make it memorable and enjoyable. His spontaneous wit has been made to best use in these aforementioned genres till now but he is planning to do something quite different next! It is a known fact that Trivikram is doing a film with Mahesh Babu next and the audience might wonder where he gets time for this flick!

However. sources say that the clever Maatala Mantrikudu is planning to do a thriller film in short notice before he gets to work with Mahesh! The film would be shot in just one building a location and sure looks quite promising. Trivikram himself has never ventured out to thriller genre till now and his logical extravaganza will be unleashed in a new fashion now. Coming to the main lead of this flick, Trivikram is considering either the charming Naga Chaitanya or lover boy Nithiin to do this role.

Both these young actors never did a full length thriller film till date and it would be equally rewarding for each of them if they manage to get the role! As of now, the race is on between Chaitu and Nithiin!

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