Ticket To Hollywood Screen Is No #1 Tag

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Once you become an actor in the regional cine circuit, you would aim to step into Bollywood at any cost. Assuming you make it to Bollywood and create your presence, then you would start aiming to land into Hollywood. However, in order to make it to the western world, there is one particular condition.

You need to be tagged as the number 1 in Indian cinema in order to attract the attention of the Hollywood fraternity. In the past, the gorgeous green eyed beauty Aishwarya Bachchan earned the number 1 tag and within no time she got a chance in Hollywood projects such as Pink Panther.

This was followed by the pout lipped beauty Priyanka Chopra who has gone ahead and is doing a TV series known as ‘Quantico’. Now, another starlet being rated as number 1 is getting the same benefit. She is the curly haired beauty Kangana Ranaut and reports reveal she is being approached by few Hollywood banners. This is an interesting and proud journey for our Indian beauties.

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