Tamil Heroes Aiming At Rajamouli

By - July 04, 2015 - 10:14 AM IST

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In case you became an actor in Tollywood right now, you would be aspiring to work with one man in your life. He is none other than the tough taskmaster SS Rajamouli. His movies have given larger than life image to the heroes and the villains and they became hot properties after that.

While that is quite natural for the heroes in Tollywood to desire that, our sources from Chennai reveal something similar is brewing up in Kollywood as well. According to reports, some of the noted Tamil heroes are now gunning for Rajamouli and they are keen to associate with him for a new project.

This is just like how our Telugu heroes want to work with Tamil directors such as Shankar, Murugadoss and others. For now, Rajamouli looks totally immersed with his magnum opus Baahubali and it would be a while before he will become free because he also has the second part to be canned. Guess all have to wait till then.

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