Baahubali's Benefit Show & Ticket Details

By - July 05, 2015 - 02:32 PM IST

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Wake up guys! July 10 is fast approaching and Baahubali is hitting the screens (for sure), the online bookings are already open and many of our friends have already grabbed few tickets. “Yay!! Got tickets for Baahubali” - feeling envious seeing such posts on FB & Twitter? Then here is a chance to watch India’s Biggest Motion Picture a night before your friends can actually see!

Baahubali is being screened on the 9th of July at 9PM in Eshwar Theatre (Attapur, Hyderabad) and if you are lucky you too can watch the prestigious film on July 9th itself. And the ticket price is Rs 3000/- (of course each ticket). Well, many complain that the ticket price is way too high, fan folks are prepared to watch the film at any cost. Industry onlookers say that Baahubali commands Rs 3000/- as the usual price of the benefits of any other film is usually around Rs 1200- Rs 1500/-.

Meanwhile, benefits shows are being organized widely across both the Telugu states and as per an estimate, these shows alone might mint around Rs 6-8 crores. Since there is no slab for the ticket price of such shows, we need to wait and see if we can grab any at an affordable price. So, fan folks…test your luck now if you wish to!

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