Renu Desai's Honest Plea to Telugu Audiences

By - July 07, 2015 - 01:36 PM IST

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Renu Desai , the talented ex-wife of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is not only an emobodiment of beauty and good looks but also impressive sensibilities. The way she has balanced her life despite difficulties and opposition during tough times is really commendable. This multi talented personality was a costume designer for many Pawan's films like Balu, Annavaram and later ventured into direction with a Marathi film Ishq Wala Love. She also well known to be quite active on Twitter and expressing her opinions strongly whenever a situation demanded.

Now, Renu Desai has tweeted a plea to all Telugu film goers not about promoting any of her personal work. Instead, she requested every Telugu viewer to keep their personal fandom for other heroes aside and support an honest big project like Baahubali. She particularly mentioned the world '"-'isms" while speaking this. Does this mean she is indirectly requesting Pawan Kalyan fans who always tag themselves with the proud term Pawanism?

Anyhow, it is indeed a good gesture of Renu Desai to offer her best support for a deserving film like Baahubali!

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