Last Minute Hurdles for Baahubali

By - July 08, 2015 - 12:27 PM IST

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Whenever a huge film in Tollywood is set for a release, the filmmakers are held up in tension until the film hits the big screens on the D-Day. What if such film is a India's biggest motion picture? Yes. We are talking about Rajamouli's first installment Baahubali from the magnum opus duology project of his. While Baahubali is all set to release this Friday and tickets are being sold like hot cakes, the film couldn't escape some grave opposition - this time from political arena as well.

Influental poltiical party CPM is furious over Baahubali filmmakers creating lot of hype over the project and selling tickets in higher rate than prescribed. CPM leader Sudhakar has particularly expressed his dissatisfaction on the way tickets are not available for common audiencce and the hungama associated with this.

With the D- day of release just two days ahead, we will have to wait and see how Rajamouli and Baahubali's producers react to this last minute crisis.

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