TMJAC objects Baahubali Release?

By - July 08, 2015 - 06:52 PM IST

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Controversies are quite common to big player films and some or others get hurt even before the film's release. So they exercise their fundamental right to protest, contribute a trivial share of mileage for the film and few have got successful occasionally.

If regular films had such privilege, why wouldn't the biggest motion picture of India have? Here is one such update about Baahubali movie release. Going into the details, suspecting objectionable scenes in Baahubali, the  Telangana Maalala Joint Action Committee (TMJAC) is demanding a screening of Baahubali prior to the movie release and in case of any failure, the JAC warned to stage a huge protest and curb the release of the film across the two Telugu states.

Well don't assume it to be a strategy by the JAC to watch the film as the tickets prices are huge and quite impossible too, the committee is quite serious over the issue.

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