Can High court PIL stop Baahubali?

By - July 09, 2015 - 01:45 PM IST

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It is Baahubali all over from the past one week and from couple of days, the mercury levels of this Baahubali fever is ever growing.

As a latest advancement, an advocate named PL Narayana Rao has filed a PIL in the High Court upon the black ticketing & lathi charge at theatres. The case might come to hearing on Friday (Jul 10). So fans who have already purchased the tickets for benefit shows are now worried big time.

On the other hand, there is a huge furore over the black ticketing. The distributors and exhibitors have violated all the rules and organised countless shows and hiked the ticket prices. In case of Baahubali, a Rs 70/- ticket is being sold for Rs 2000-Rs 3000 and there are even occasions where few theatres have blocked tickets and unofficially sold it for a higher price.

Keeping aside the hype and demand over the movie, those who are against to the black ticketing are alleging that the distributors are cashing over the craze over the movie. They also questioned the silence of producers who urged people not to encourage piracy and delivered intense dialogues over piracy. On the other hand, there is this distributors' version who has bought the film for a whopping price and is looking to regain his investment by hook or crook. Meanwhile, industry onlookers are opining that Baahubali release might not be affected whatsoever.

However, the fact is that the aam admi man cannot watch the biggest motion picture of India (forget about enjoying) and a hardcore frenzy fan aadmi doesn't mind getting looted for his favourite star and film.

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