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By - July 10, 2015 - 04:31 AM IST

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Cast: Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Tamannaah, Anushka Shetty, Sathyaraj, Nassar, Ramya Krishnan, Sudeep, Adivi Sesh, Tanikella Bharani, Rohini, Prabhakar, Rakesh Varre, Charandeep, Meka Ramakrishna
Banner: Arka Media Works
Music: M.M. Keeravani
Cinematography: K.K. Senthil Kumar
Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Production Designer: Sabu Cyril
VFX Supervisor: Srinivas Mohan
Story: V. Vijayendra Prasad
Screenplay: S.S. Rajamouli, V.Vijayendra Prasad
Producers: Shobhu Yarlagadda, Prasad Devineni
Director: S.S. Rajamouli

With due respects to the vision of the genius Rajamouli, the conviction, passion and hardship of Rajamouli and his entire army of Baahubali movie and the immense respect that we have for our readers, fans and cinegoers and the faith they have invested in iQlik Movies.com. We take this opportunity to view Baahubali The Beginning as any other story, carry our duty and assess the Baahubali movie rating paramater.

Tagline: A Visual Wonder but a pinch of disappointment!

Avg. User Rating: 3.25/5

Plot Review:

Shivudu (Prabhas), the royal heir of Mahishmati kingdom is rescued by Rajamatha Sivagami (Ramyakrishna). Shivudu who is raised by a tribal community far away from the kingdom of Mahishmati is unaware of his agonizing past. In pursuit of an angelic beauty uphill, he discovers Avantika (Tamannaah) and learns about her mission to set free Devasena (Anushka) from the slavery imposed by the menacing Bhallaladeva (Rana Daggubati). But in the due course, he comes to know about his excruciating past and roots and importantly a man called ‘Amarendra Baahubali’. Who is Baahubali, what was Bhallaladeva’s ploy, why is Devasena enslaved and what is Shivudu’s mission form the rest of the story.


Prabhas: The Young Rebel Star was a treat to watch in the film. His intense act in every segment of the film was top-notch. Be it innocence, ambitiousness, romance, action or whatever, Prabhas nailed it down. He has undoubtedly escalated a notch higher as an actor. He was a delight as both ‘Shivudu’ & ‘Baahubali’… if you are a hardcore fan then you just can’t take your eyes off him. Can’t ask for more!

Rana Daggubati: Our lead antagonist Bhallaladeva is yet another asset for the film. He was the apt choice for the character of the devastatingly dangerous king Bhallaladeva and he got into the skin of the character and excelled it like none. No wonder he is yet another hero of the film.

Anushka: Well Anushka’s fans might be disappointed for there is more of Devasena to be unleashed in the second part than in the first edition. However, her scenes with Sathyaraj & Rana are intense.

Tamannaah: Against the casting was once again proved right with Tamannaah playing the role of Avantika, the angelic avenger. The milky beauty was enticing yet engrossing with her performance. She gave her best in the film but unfortunately she was just a lead in this first part. Hopefully, we might get to see more of her performance in the second part.

Ramyakrishnan: It all starts with Sivagami, the epitome of justice. She delivered a stellar in the film. Besides both the star heroes, it was her character which evoked a stunning response in the theatres. With an intense, ferocious and powerful performance, Ramya Krishna wins hearts as Sivagami.

Nassar: His act as the envious and crooked king Bijjaladeva, the father of Bhallaladeva was insightful and equally appreciable.

Sathyaraj: This able actor is yet another key asset of the film. As the loyal slave warrior with a piercing guilt, Satyaraj’s performance tugs every heart. 

Prabhakar: He looked barbaric than ever imagined in this role of Kalakeya but towards the end, his character offers nothing different and remained a mediocre evil force that is thrashed down by the hero.

The rest of the cast including Rohini, Sesh Adivi, Kichcha Sudeep and others played significant roles in this war drama.


SS Rajamouli is regarded as the master of emotional storytelling with an unprecedented skill to elevate heroism in his films. Before getting into the plot, this visionary filmmaker and his producers deserve an ovation for their faith in this story.

All his films have a significant story laced up with an exceptional storytelling and breath taking action drama with paramount heroism and villainy a notch higher. So how does a master storyteller like Rajamouli handle a war film with money splurged into like never before? Rajamouli’s Baahubali The Beginning stepped amidst sky high expectations (or even more) that makes it difficult for any filmmaker to chase down and impress. But Rajamouli’s story has the heart in the right place.

However, his narration in the first half lacked the essential wow factor until the pre-interval episode comes in the rescue of the film. Besides Shivudu’s entry, the romantic track between Shivudu-Avantika and the way Shivudu enters into the plot fails to impress you (when you are actually waiting for a high). Meanwhile, you find legendary director Raghavendra Rao’s mark romantic track and songs which might give you a question – “Is this Rajamouli’s film?”

Moving on, the second half has some exceptional action sequences and emotional highs that form the spine of the film especially the rain fight sequence and the terminal breathtaking war episodes give you the right kick (sorry..can't give more spoilers!). And please don’t be surprised if you are taken aback by the way this first part concludes. Yes, it leaves you with enough doubts, creates enough curiosity but not with enough excitement! It concludes with the beginning of a revenge saga but seriously, is this the climax? Should we leave now? (Unfortunately Yes!)

Well as revealed earlier, this is apparently a three and half story made into two parts. So, as a filmmaker it is a tough challenge to create wonders in the first part yet keep it crisp, unpredictable and leave your audience craving for the second part. So no wonder it looks stretched and hasn’t got enough meat under its alluring flesh. His screenplay is engaging and water tight but the way he crafted the first part might leave you with a pinch of disappointment. Rajamouli gets a top-notch team at execution and achieves an unprecedented visual wonder with absolute brilliance in every aspect of the craft (of course, with few visual effect errors which can be overlooked). May be because expectations never die and every other moment the audience expects a high and that is where Baahubali The Beginning falls short of making it a decent watch (better subtract your epic expectations and remember Story abhi baaki hai mere dost!).


There was a divided talk over the album of Baahubali initially but the songs are decent enough on the screen. Beyond just tunes, the background score by the maestro Keeravani deserves a special mention. He has once again done complete justice to his job.


Baahubali also marks a remarkable onscreen debut by SS Rajamouli. His petty cameo in the film is the one to mention.


Given the sky high expectations, Baahubali The Beginning might leave you with a pinch of disappointment. But this is a decent watch with its share of emotional highs, goosebump moments and key highlights. Well, what's your feel if you get only four cashew nuts in a plate full of promising cashew nut upma? That's exactly how we feel now yet we give a thumbs up to the Pride of Telugu cinema!

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