It's Official: Baahubali Reaches Million Mark

By - July 10, 2015 - 04:33 PM IST

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Baahubali- the most celebrated movie of recent times in the entire film duniya. After a long wait, the movie released all over the world today and opened up to a thumping response.

The film is slated to make and break many records and there were early estimates that the film has accomplished a new milestone in the US market. Well official trade reports confirm that Baahubali has grossed the magical 1 Million USD mark on the very first day itself. As per latest estimate, Baahubali has minted over $1,010,550 from 118 screens so far. Owing to the scale of release and the ticket price, this feat was indeed expected but the craze over the film has made it possible quite early.

It is one of the rare records by a regional film in the US and Baahubali is expected to continue its streak in the days to come and set new records. Go Baahubali Go!

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