Film Intellectuals On Facebook

By - July 11, 2015 - 03:10 PM IST

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Gone are the days when there was a certain element of discipline and adherence to certain opinions and views. Today, it is all about social media and just about everyone end up writing long reviews and observations irrespective of their credentials and caliber to judge an incident or a subject.

The same is the case with movies wherein every other viewer gives his/her analysis. Akin to that, everybody is now reviewing one massive magnum opus Baahubali. While ninety percent of them don’t even know the kind of efforts that went behind the making, more than the attempt they are busy criticizing it.

The trend of giving reviews and opinions has led to a reverse psychology among many. Appreciating someone has reduced a lot and a feeling has developed that the more you criticize the more great you become. For now, many have donned the avatar of film intellectuals and are busy dissecting Baahubali. Nevertheless, the film is above and beyond such viewpoints of these film ‘intellectuals’.

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