Rs 2000/- Per Ticket In USA @ Bahubali

By - July 15, 2015 - 04:09 PM IST

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Some of you may very well agree when we say spending a whopping Rs 150 for a single ticket at a multiplex for a movie is fleecing. This is more so in the USA because dollar is not cheap. But there are certain movies wherein money is no longer a constraint and what matters is the ticket.

This has happened with the magnum opus Baahubali which had a humongous response in the USA. Unlike the regular prices of $6 or $9 on the release day, for two days the ticket price was $30 across the counter. Despite that premium price, there was overwhelming demand for the tickets.

Since all shows became housefull many were disappointed. Meanwhile, some are waiting for the ticket prices to come down and these are mainly the middle class Telugus. But those who are bachelors and upper middle class Telugus, they went ahead without a second thought and purchased the tickets.

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