'Baahubali' Songs Yet To Win Hearts

By - July 16, 2015 - 05:02 PM IST

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The moment you hear the word Baahubali you will immediately feel proud of the Tsunami it is creating at the box office. But a closer look would also reveal there were few gaps that needed to be filled in the first part. While some felt content was not strong enough, another feedback is also gaining ground.

This is about the songs. Though the first edition has got nine songs, many say only one song ‘Pachcha bottesina…’ struck a chord. The rest of them have just passed off without creating an impact and they could hold attention owing to the grand picturization. This is rather unusual.

Just like the expectations on the movie, even the expectations on the music director Keeravani were huge and many were sure he would churn some amazing tunes. While all this is one side, the other news is that these songs were composed like this for a purpose because the actual riveting stock is going to be heard in the second edition.

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