Baahubali Effect @ Pushkaraalu

By - July 17, 2015 - 08:14 PM IST

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Yes Baahubali is a historic blockbuster ringing cash registers across the world. But not every blockbuster can be a phenomenon like Baahubali. It is indeed a trendsetter and the aftermath of Baahubali storm can be still felt. The film has been ingested into nerves by the public in such a way that even traditional events like Godavari Pushkaralu also witnessed the Baahubali effect.

Going into the story, Godavari Mahaa Pushkaraalu are going on in the two states and this is particularly about instances that took place in Rajahmundry. Interestingly, the above image comprises of poses of pilgrims simulating Sivagami (Ramyakrishnan) and Baahubali’s first conceptual poster respectively.

People who came to take a dip in the Holy River Godavari were spotted with these Baahubali posters. This once again proves that Baahubali is a true-blue blockbuster and a genuine trendsetter that has a long lasting impact on its audience.

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