'Baahubali' Online Game Going Viral

By - July 17, 2015 - 11:02 AM IST

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No matter what your age is, if an interesting game is up for grabs then you would not hesitate to have a go at it. These days, the presence and dominance of games has become so high that even some movies are coming out with game versions. But one game is being touted as the hottest right now.

It is part of a social fun app which goes to show what character of the magnum opus Baahubali you are.  So, all you got to do is put your picture in that app and then you would get the result whether you are Baahubali or Sivudu or Bhallaladeva or Kattappa or even the menacingly cruel Kalakeya.

This game has picked up very well among the cine buffs and net geeks and they are finding it a lot of fun. Not just that, they are also sharing about their character on their Facebook and other social networking platforms and recommending others to try it. All in all, some good fun for the public and some good publicity for the movie.

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