Busiest Telugu Beauty In Sambarland

By - July 20, 2015 - 05:35 PM IST

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You would have heard quite a few times that the Tollywood circuit lacks authentic Telugu beauties at the top level but the other side of the coin is, there are some really deserving beauties who are yet to get the due chance. So, they are shifting to the neighbouring circuits and showing their prowess there.

The list comprises of authentic Telugu beauties such as Bindu Madhavi, Sri Divya, Madhushalini and others. Now, another Telugu beauty has become the busiest in the Sambarland. She is none other than the seductive eyed beauty Anjali. Incidentally, Anjali’s step to fame came in Kollywood only.

Eventually, Tollywood spotted her and brought her to Telugu movies. While she does have her share of projects in Telugu, sources reveal Anjali has become a hot property in Tamil. With an earthly face and exceptional performance quotient, she sure fits the bill of the Tamil makers hence this demand.

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