Reporter's Controversial Tweets on Baahubali!

By - July 21, 2015 - 07:43 PM IST

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Got bored of hearing nice things about Baahubali? Perhaps No! But here is yet another remark that no Baahubali fan could digest and agree upon!

Alongside the “cheating” claims of an art director, the tweets of a noted reporter on Baahubali have turned evoked a war on Twitter. Going into the news, former Indian Express editor Shekhar Gupta lashed out the makers of Baahubali for the portrayal of the blood thirsty barbaric tribal army that Kalakeya leads. He found fault in the portrayal of tribals in the film and made few remarks that read as follows:

"Most awful film portrayal of tribals in #Bahubali. Dark, scar-faced, ugly rapist brutes with rotting black teeth. Shameful profiling"

Interestingly, a fan of Baahubali replied to Shekhar’s tweet saying -

"What a shame @ShekharGupta ji! Dark, scar faced was the portrayal. But "UGLY" is YOUR INTERPRETATION. Very Racist!"

While the war on social media is still prevalent, the film is on a dream run at the box office and millions across the globe are enjoying the film to the core and feeling proud of it.

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