Boyapati in Legal Trouble!

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Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, the dynamic Chief Minister of AP has been having turbulent times off late. After the tragic beginnings in Rajahmundry stampede on the eve of Godavari Pushakaralu, Chandra Babu Naidu was targeted by the media and there was public anger about the discrepancies in the event's management.

To make things more worse, now a legal case is booked on the CM along with Boyapati Srinu of Legend fame. If you are wondering where has Boyapati Srinu has come up in this scene, it is because the aggressive director is alleged along with the CM for extending pushkaralu vist in making a short film. AP CM sought to make a short film to promote this rare event as it would be helpful for AP"s tourism industry,  it led to stampede and loss of 29 lives. 

The case was booked by former Amalapuram MP GV. Harsha Kumar's son saying that AP CM and Boyapati Srinu were entirely responsible for this tragic event as they were using the event to promote for their selfish means.

We will have to see what AP CM and Boyapati Srinu would react to this shocking twist!

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