Hollywood Baahubali In Discussion

By - July 23, 2015 - 11:36 AM IST

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The Baahubali mania is spreading its presence far and wide and some have also stated how this film caught the attention of the gigantic Hollywood as well. While that buzz is still on, a new movie is now gearing up for release in Hollywood and it is also creating a similar type of hype like Baahubali.

We are talking about the film The Revenant which has the super talented Leonardo Di Caprio in the lead along with Tom Hardy. The film is directed by the award winning filmmaker Alejandro Inarritu. Recently the trailer was unveiled and it has gone viral among all the Telugu film buffs.

They are calling it as Hollywood Baahubali by watching the trailer and add that the feel of our Telugu magnum opus and this movie are quite similar. The link is getting viral and given Leonardo’s following in India thanks to his movies like Titanic and Inception, his latest would also rock at the box office.

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