Manchu Lakshmi Counselling for Drunk Drivers

By - July 23, 2015 - 10:48 PM IST

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We hear many celebrities and non-celebrities getting caught in drunk and drive checks. There are celebrities who repeatedly made headlines in drunk and drive case and even had their licenses at stake.

But worry not, you have a star counsellor now. Hyderabad Police have signed in none other than Lakshmi Manchu to counsel people caught in drunk and drive cases. This new initiative shall start from this Friday night at Jubilee Hills.

Be it Teach for Change or others, Lakshmi was always on the upfront for initiative like these. Well driving while being drunk is not only hazardous to us but in fact for others too. Lets not risk at the cost of a life and hope Lakshmi can effectively communicate this message and contribute for the betterment of this society.

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