Online War on Girl's Controversial Comments

By - July 28, 2015 - 01:59 PM IST

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Critics and reviews are inseparable aspect of any big film release. In fact, any form of art such as book, film or a drama can be analyzed or criticized for its content. As we live in a democratic country like India where a common person has every right to speak about an objectionable aspect of a film, it is indeed sad that we still witness anger and hate on a person who speaks their mind. Sadly, this anger and hate increases tenfold when the person who opines is a woman.

We have seen umpteen scenarios where a woman speaks her mind in the social media regarding politics or cinema, and becoming a victim of personal attack. Now, Tollywood also has witnessed one such shocking incident. An NRI woman named Annapurna Sunkara posted a video with a plea for Telugu filmmakers to think about how women are portrayed in films. She quoted Tamanna's portrayal as Avantika in Baahubali, the plight of comedy in Telugu films and sincerely requested Telugu filmmakers to rethink on their approach about women characters and comedy. In fact, the whole buzz about Avantika's character flaws began with popular journalist Anna Vetticad's article "The Rape of Avanthika" which became a big rage now.

While some poeple applauded Annapurna's confident approach and boldness in expressing her opinion, there were another section of people who despised her idea. Some people called her attention seeker and went ahead asking her to watch a film as a film and not to take things seriously. One film buff named Viswanath Naidu made a similar counter video on her asking her to be respectful towards Tollywood and its makers. 

It is indeed sad to see so many people getting furious on a woman who sincerely expressed her anguish and concerns about women's portayal in Tollywood and her opinions can be open for debate. We need to grow more tolerant towards other's opinions and give a thought to it, instead of immidiately jumping to conclusions and attacking them personally.

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