Ram Gopal Varma's New Appa

By - July 29, 2015 - 01:20 PM IST

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The maverick director Ram Gopal Varma never hesitates to speak his mind regarding anything he feels like through Social Media. While some of his points are shocking, some are too fearless and bold for normal audience to digest!

Recently, this filmmaker met Muttappa Rai, the ex-don of Karnataka in Bengaluru. Ramu always had a penchant to meet real time criminals and dons in order to study their psychology and what made them get into such challenging life. Naturally, Ramu is an amazed man after meeting Muttappa Rai! He expressed his delight in his Twitter handle calling Muttappa Rai as the Baahubali of Underworld.

He boldly revelaed that he got some important information about the underworld relating not only to Karnataka but also to Mumbai and Dubai! The real punch arrived when RGV said Muttappa Rai is Godfather of all Godfathers in the World!

Ramu is getting more and more courageous as he ages- is it not?

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