Beware Of Baahubali Virus

By - July 29, 2015 - 11:12 AM IST

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Since the last few weeks or probably months, the only name you heard everywhere was Baahubali and it became a prestige question if you didn’t watch this movie. Even the views on Youtube got tremendous response if it had Baahubali in search. All this is a good trend but there is also a flip side to it.

Some mischief mongers and troublemakers have taken the same word and are resorting to some damage. Well, if you are receiving a mail or message on your social networking ids to download Baahubali movie link then don’t fall for it. It is actually a virus malware which will crash your system in no time.

Doing so will result in formatting your entire hard disk and your data would be wiped out. There are already few gullible individuals who got excited and downloaded only to pay a costly price in the form of system crash. So, just beware of this Baahubali virus and go to the theatres once again if you really wish to watch it.

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