All Eyes On This Humorous Film

By - July 31, 2015 - 10:59 AM IST

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There are many reasons why you want to watch a movie but the best reason among them is, if the film offers comedy and humor in good dose. This is the reason why many rom-coms and comedy treats keep coming up and despite a routine formula they still manage to click at the box office.

The time now is for one more comedy treat to join the club. This one is happening in Bollywood and the film is titled as Ki And Ka. As unusual as the title may sound, the film’s director Balki has reportedly revealed it is nothing but the short form for ‘Ladki’ and ‘Ladka’ which is girl and boy in Hindi.

Inside news reveals the film is a total comedy treat wherein the heroine essays the role of a working wife while the husband is a homemaker. Those who heard about this are saying this storyline reveals them a lot about the cult comedy classic Mr Pellam starring Rajendra Prasad and Aamani. Let us see how close this gets.

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