Twitter Overflown With 'F' Tweets

By - August 03, 2015 - 02:15 PM IST

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Whenever an event or incident happens the best place for you to understand the human reaction to it would be the social networking site Twitter. Within no time, that site would be filled with thousands of tweets from different people across the globe. Yesterday, twitter was overflowing with only one tweet.

This was the ‘friendship’ tweet on the eve of Friendship day. Perhaps two decades ago, nobody even knew properly what friendship day was all about and which date it came but today parties and get-togethers are also arranged for this occasion. And those who cannot meet share tweets.

True to that, many friends were wishing each other but what caught the attention was the tweets from almost every member of the film fraternity. They were wishing not just their fans but also to their friends in the industry. All in all, it was a rather busy day for Twitter to accommodate so many tweets.

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