SIIMA Feeding Event Managers In Dubai

By - August 04, 2015 - 05:11 PM IST

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There might be some among you who would be wondering as to what is the need for coming up with so many film related award events every now and then. While there is some rationale behind such a thought, the bright side of it is, such events give a lot of livelihood for many groups.

One event which is renowned for its quality and grandeur is SIIMA (South India International Movie Awards).  Each year, this event happens in international venues and this year the venue is the World Trade Center in Dubai. This is scheduled to take place this weekend and here is an interesting update.

It is known that the event would be filled with celebrities from all the four industries in the south. So, the organizers have reportedly hired some local event managers based in Dubai to take care of many things. Of course, almost all of them are south Indians and it is also proving to be cost effective for the organizers. All in all, the Dubai event managers are getting fed by the SIIMA.

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